Xhere, Yhere is a data-driven project that explores the collection analysis of psychogeographical data, along with it's significances and uses. With the comparison of GPS and EEG data, conclusions can be drawn about how certain environments affect way-finding decisions. Guy Debord and the Situationists' intended for the dérive to be an act that freed the individual from the connotations of GPS tracking or brainwave monitoring; they wanted to disrupt the status quo of how Parisians traveled their urban landscape.

This idea to collect data from the dérive was driven with curiosity. What could someone do to really test "psychogeography"? Data that revealed a place and time, along with brain activity, was then hypothesized to represent the effects of psychogeography.

This is the structure for many data collection ventures in the 21st Century. Companies, organizations, governments, are all collecting data out of the need to know something, and to do something with that data. Xhere, Yhere values all of the data it is associated with, and will in turn be used to create a series of psychgeographically related and unrelated works in multiple mediums. The data will be used both sensibly and nonsensically, rendered functional and decorative, seen meaningful and meaningless.


Lawrence Chit
University of California, San Diego
Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts, Visual Arts Senior Project (2014 - 2015)